Salon offers full-service grooming and bathing on all breeds.  All grooming
is by appointment, but manicures and pedicures are always available on a
walk in basis.
Here are the answers to some popular questions...
Q- What is included?

A- With every visit to the groomer, your dog will be
bathed, brushed, have their nails clipped, ears
cleaned/plucked, given a sanitary trim, in addition to
their groom.
Q- What time do I drop off my dog, and how long will
it take?

A-Usually a grooming session takes less than two
hours. Sometimes, if the dog has not been groomed
for a long time, the appointment might take longer. To
avoid your pet being stressed I prefer to make the
salon less crowded and decrease the time your dog
spends here. To achieve that, I ask you to call to make
an appointment, and help me to determine the
appropriate pick-up time. I do my best to
accommodate everyone and work with your schedule.
Q- How much will the visit cost?

A- Prices vary depending on your dog's
breed and condition. On most
occasions, we are able to quote a price
range for your dog, and are able to be
more specific with the price when you
arrive on the date of your appointment.
It is difficult to make an exact price
quote over the phone, so feel free to
stop by with any and all questions!
Q- What other services are available in
addition to basic bathing and grooming?

A- Salon also offers the following spa

-Nail Grinding
-Flea & Tick Funerals
-Enzymatic Teeth Brushing
-Deep Scaling Teeth Cleaning
-De-shedding conditioning treatments
-Anal gland expression
Q- What products do you use?

A- My product line of choice are
hypo-allergenic and oatmeal base
shampoo. I'm using natural lines that
consists of completely
biodegradable, non toxic,
cruelty-free grooming products.